“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong”John F Kennedy

Bromley High School has a thriving sporting life, with a wide variety of physical activities covered within our curriculum and hundreds of girls representing the school each week in our 54 sports teams.

For us, Physical Education and team games are about more than simply winning and losing. We believe the social aspect of being part of a team. When we step out to our practices, we do so without any phones, tablets or anything connecting the girls to the digital world. This welcome reprieve means they get to collaborate and work together in a way so limited now as their world become increasingly digitized.

We champion our curricular and co-curricular program’s ability to foster and develop self-confidence, self-esteem and positive self-image by allowing success and championing improvement.

Although team sports are not for everyone, health and fitness are something the school ensure all girls to be mindful of, and we encourage all girls to find the physical activity which will keep them fit and healthy through their school years and beyond.

A level

A level Physical Education is the study of human movement, performance and behaviour in relation to sport and P.E.

In year 1 the students focus upon the factors influencing participation in sport through the analysis of anatomical and physiological requirements, the development of skill and socio-cultural barriers. In year 2 the focus shifts to the nature of elite performance and the exercise physiology, biomechanics and psychology that supports world class athlete development.

Practical work will be assessed as either a performer or coach in one sport. This will count towards 30% of your final grade.

The full academic nature of A level PE opens the door to all variety of degree and career pathways.


As a department we are proud of any girl who puts on our kit to represent the school in matches. Every girl who attends training sessions and is committed to their sport will be placed in a team. Girls join the school with differing levels of sporting experience and we place great value in providing teams for all girls; irrespective of their level of experience. Currently in the Autumn and Spring terms there are competitive matches for A-D teams in both our Hockey and Netball programmes, Football teams ranging from U12-U15, Cross Country teams at all age groups as well as swimming galas for both the proficient and improvers.

A broad programme of extra-curricular activities takes place during lunch hour and before and after school. Clubs are very popular and can be found on the sporting co-curricular timetable. Alongside games teams, the annual dance production and morning gymnastics club are open to all, as are Step Aerobics and Running Clubs.

Girls from Year 10 onwards have supervised access in our school fitness suite and all girls are inducted in the use of our cardiovascular and weights equipment.

The Department runs an extensive fixtures programme encompassing after school matches, and afternoon and occasional Saturday tournaments. We attend County, Regional and National tournaments and the GDST also organises a varied program of competition within the Trust schools.

All girls representing the school at any physical activity must regularly attend clubs/practices.  Fixtures and team sheets are posted on the school fixture software SOCS, with dates and all matches and after school training sessions included, which can be linked to your mobile phone calendar. Girls are expected to check the calendar in advance to prevent clashes with outside activities. We are delighted when parents are able to support our sports teams, so always feel free to join us on the touchline.