Schools are much more than the buildings that they inhabit. They are dynamic places and are communities of individuals, each of which brings their individual talents and personalities to everyday life.

We welcome contact with any ex-pupil, whatever their age, and, on leaving, each girl (at whatever stage they leave the school) joins our Bromley Old Girls’ network.

Each year we hold three major events for our alumnae to keep in contact with the school and fellow alumnae; the Alumnae Tea Party, the Annual Reception and a Recent Leavers Event.

Staying in touch

At present we are trying to re-establish links with old girls that we have lost touch with, so please do get in touch with us if you came to Bromley High, or if you are a family member of one of our alumnae.

All former Bromley High students belong to the GDST Alumnae Network, which is the Trust-wide alumnae community. The Alumnae Network works with Bromley High to help us stay in touch with our alumnae.

To make sure you get Bromley High news and invites to future events, please make sure you are registered with the Alumnae Network.

Register with GDST Alumnae Network 

If you are already registered, you can sign in and check your details are up to date.

GDST Network

All Sixth Formers gain a lifelong membership of the GDST Alumnae Network of over 65,000 women in every profession, many of whom are in eminent positions. This network often provides work experience opportunities and professional contacts later in their career.

GDST Rungway

Girls can also connect with the GDST’s alumnae family through Rungway, a mentoring app. Now, at the touch of a button, our students have a way of asking some of the burning questions they have about study and life after school, anywhere and at any time.

Find out more about GDST Rungway

“We know how empowering mentoring can be. The Rungway app helps provide valuable advice from women with a wide range of experiences, very quickly.”

Mrs C Bird, Head of Sixth Form


All GDST Sixth Formers, are invited to join GDST Life, a new online community to connect with fellow GDST Sixth Formers. And afterwards, for all GDST alumnae, you find and connect with each other, share experiences, join groups, find mentors and more. In effect, our own ‘social network’.