At Bromley High Junior School, we make the most of our extensive leafy grounds to maximise opportunities for quality outdoor learning. As part of our strong environmental ethos we offer an integrated Forest School programme from Reception to Year 4.

Forest School takes place in one of our two onsite woodland settings, where our pupils develop an appreciation of the beauty, awe and wonder of the natural world. Girls have the freedom and space to investigate and explore independently and with friends.

Solving problems, completing small tasks and taking managed risks are key aspects of our Forest School offer. It is a time to explore creative self-expression, set individual challenges and to face fears in a supportive environment; developing resilience and confidence.

Girls enjoy their annual six week block of lessons in Forest School which are held at varying times over the year, so they can experience all the different seasons outdoors.  Forest School is one of several activities where girls have the opportunity to work collaboratively with boys from Bickley Park Prep.

See our Forest School video to find out more


Skills development

  • The approach is ‘hands on’ and seeks to promote the holistic development of the unique child, including physical, spatial, linguistic, emotional and spiritual aspects, developing an inquisitive and positive relationship with the natural world.
  • Self-confidence and independence are increased through freedom, time and space to learn.
  • A safe and secure environment allows the girls to extend their learning beyond their comfort zone; to challenge their existing boundaries and ideas and to tackle investigations and tasks which in the classroom may not be possible.
  • Collaboration and co-operation between them, their peers and the forest school leader is at the core of the Forest School programme.
  • Social skills develop through risk taking and an understanding of the consequences of your own actions, whilst self-awareness, self-regulation and empathy for others are also developed.
  • Forest School enables the girls to be active participants in their own education and development.