“What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.” Alfred Hitchcock

Our aim is to avoid the dull and focus on developing our students’ sense of creativity and adventure.

Whether in a School Production, a lesson or a luncntime activity, we would hope that our students can engage with Drama in a way that makes them comfortable and confident with others and yet also allows them the freedom individually to explore ideas, debate issues and express themselves with enthusiasm and intelligence.

A level

Students study two different texts at A level, which can change depending on the skills of the students (Lorca’s Yerma and Ibsen’s  Hedda Gabler are the present choices). Similar to GCSE students are expected to attend regular theatre trips in order to develop their appreciation of live performance.

The practical component consists of a text-based performance, which is influenced by the work of a chosen theatrical practitioner.  In addition students create a devised piece based on a specific theme and influenced by the work of an additional (different) practitioner.


The Drama Department is committed to offering a variety of co-curricular activities and clubs that are open to all pupils and these are organised with this principle in mind. These include:

  • KS3 Drama Festival
  • Yr 7 Drama Club
  • Speech & Drama lessons (LAMDA & ESB)
  • School Production (all Years)
  • Summer Performance (KS3)
  • Tours/external performances