We believe that learning should not be confined just to the classroom. We maximise opportunities to take learning into different environments to encourage the girls to explore new avenues.

We offer a full and dynamic programme of co-curricular activities, including over 60 clubs each week, allowing girls to discover new passions, and hone their existing skills.

A beautiful, leafy 25-acre site with a swimming pool, sports hall, floodlit courts, pitches and track provide superb facilities to develop sporting talent. A busy programme of fixtures gives every girl the chance to  compete as part of one of our many successful sports teams.

Our girls benefit from being part of the GDST, which provides opportunities to interact with likeminded girls in a range of exciting events, such as the bi-annual GDST Young Choir of the Year competition and the annual STEM Conferences held at Oxford University and The Royal Institute.

Clubs & Activities

We offer a full and dynamic programme of clubs within the categories of academic, creative, music and sport, as well as a variety of clubs to support and extend the girls’ academic abilities.

Many of these take place after school, with others running before school and during lunch breaks. These, together with participation in musical ensembles, rehearsals for dramatic productions and individual lessons for instruments and communication and performance, give every girl the opportunity to try something new or develop existing interests.

Whether the girls are interested in playing an instrument or singing in a choir, performing in a drama production, playing a sport or academic excellence, there is something for everyone.

Academic Clubs

Our academic clubs are designed to enrich the education of our pupils by providing challenging, stimulating and relevant opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum.

Our language clubs extend our pupils’ understanding and knowledge of both culture and vocabulary in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Ancient Greek and Classics club inspires pupils to learn about mythology and the ancient world, as well as develop their interest in the language.

Digital leaders and young scientists learn to experiment, to investigate and to invent and supported by our older pupils they explore the ‘what if facts?’

Our Mini-Minerva Lecture programme encourages learning beyond the curriculum, through visiting speakers who inspire the pupils’ passions.

Sports Clubs

Pupils are encouraged to enjoy participating as an individual and as a member of a team.

This includes cross country, football, cricket, netball, hockey, swimming and athletics that all have practice sessions before, during or after school, as well as the opportunity to represent the school in many of these sports.

There is also the opportunity to take part in ballet, funky jazz, fencing and horse riding amongst other sporting activities.

In addition to this, there is an extensive fixture list in a range of team sports.

Creative Clubs

Creativity is the ability to see problems and generate new ideas to solve them. Central to the ethos of the Junior School is the belief that all pupils should have the opportunity to be involved in a creative process and to have a positive attitude towards their own creativity.

We have numerous clubs on offer that encourage the pupils to develop the essential skills of observation and visualisation such as, art club and photography, storytelling, dance and drama club build confidence in our girls whilst encouraging the skills of improvisation and role-playing.

Music Clubs

Music plays an integral part of Junior School life at Bromley High, girls are actively encouraged to join in musically from an early age, gaining confidence performing to their peers and in front of a larger audience. All girls are encouraged to sing wherever possible and we sing to celebrate every occasion in the Junior School.

Our Junior music curriculum and extensive extra-curricular programme caters for all levels of musicianship and ensures that all girls are able to take part. Our aim in the Junior music department is that every girl has the opportunity to develop her confidence and realise her potential wherever her musical interests lie.

Our wide range of ensembles include choirs for every key stage as well as a smaller chamber choir, orchestra, guitar club, keyboard club and musical spotlight- a club for all who love music and enjoy making it with their friends.


Drama & Recitals

Performance and presentation skills are an integral part of our academic offer. We collaborate with a local boys’ school on Public Speaking and Poetry Recital events and every girl takes part in a class assembly each year.

Each Key Stage takes parts in a production with girls in Reception, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 having key drama roles, with the other year groups supporting musically.

Recent productions have been:

  • Reception – The Sleepy Shepherd
  • Years 1 & 2 – Pirates v Mermaids
  • Years 3 & 4 – The Lion King
  • Years 5 & 6 – Dream On (a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


We offer frequent opportunities for organised educational and cultural visits and trips for all pupils from Reception to Year 6. Our proximity to London is a great advantage and our pupils regularly make the most of the museums, galleries and visitor attractions.

Each year group will participate in at least one day trip per term, which increases as the pupils progress through the Junior School. Trips are tailored to the curriculum, as well as the interests and needs of the pupils, and range from locations as far afield as France to Jubilee Park, just around the corner.

We take full advantage of the superb GDST outings each year. These events allow Junior pupils to visit other schools around the country. Regular events include the annual Maths Conference hosted by Oxford High School GDST at Oxford University and Digital Leaders’ Forum hosted by South Hampstead High School GDST.

Residential trips are an important part of our offer to girls in Years 5 and 6 at Bromley High. These essential experiences encourage resilience, perseverance, team work skills and foster independence. The girls enjoy specialist activities as well as quality time connecting with nature in the great outdoors.

In Year 5 the girls attend a 3-day trip at Sayers Croft, near Cranleigh, where they stay in chalets and take part in activities such as pond-dipping, abseiling and orienteering.

Our Year 6 girls enjoy a residential trip to Le Chateau Du Broutel in France. The week away provides a wealth of historic and cultural attractions nearby. The girls take part in three language modules to practise their spoken French.

Annually, there is either a Middle School Music Tour for Year 6 and 7 girls to Europe or a Junior School Choir tour for Year 5 and 6 girls in the United Kingdom. Members of the choir or who play an instrument, have the opportunity to perform together at a variety of venues which have included, the Menin Gate, Disneyland Paris and St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.

“The extensive range of activities enables pupils to develop their skills and talents extremely well and to unlock their enthusiasm.”