The Geography department at Bromley High aims to introduce and develop the concepts of physical, human and environmental geography through the use of a range of places at different scales and in different continents.

The use of maps, photographs ICT, GIS and fieldwork allows students to foster their geographical skills and independent research with an enquiry based approach.

Years 7-9

Year 7 studies are largely based on the UK (and Montserrat). The themes studied are related to settlement at a local scale and volcanoes. Ordnance Survey maps, photographs and ICT exercises are all incorporated. The use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is introduced and pupils engage in geographical enquiry with a decision making exercise included.

Year 8 studies cover a range of physical and human patterns and processes at national and global scales. Girls learn about weather and climate, population and tourism, carrying out a fieldwork investigation into the impacts of tourism at Box Hill.

Year 9 studies have a global context covering development and aid, which encourages discussion of sustainability and an introduction to distinctive landscapes, including a field work investigation into coastal management at Herne Bay.


Our chosen specification includes inspiring content throughout eight topic areas, encapsulating both the geography of the UK and the rest of the world, brought to life by engaging enquiry questions. The course is delivered and assessed through three main components. Paper 1, Our Natural World covers global hazards, changing.

Climate, distinctive landscapes, sustaining ecosystems and also examines field work and geographical skills linked to physical geography. The second paper, People and Society considers urban futures, dynamic development, UK in the 21st Century, resource reliance and also examines field work and geographical skills linked to human geography. The third examination is a synoptic assessment of all topics. Field work is a compulsory requirement of the course.


As a department, we offer a range of enriching and extension opportunities. Our students attend lectures at the GA and RGS and we also welcome academics from the field of geography as part of the school’s Minerva Lecture series. Girls enter a range of competitions including the Young Geographer of the Year. Our biannual ‘awe and wonder’ trip to Iceland gives students the opportunity to enjoy a different landscape.