“There should be something revelatory about art. It should be totally creative and open doors for new thoughts and experiences.”Tracey Emin

Art at Bromley High is an intellectual, creative and communicative subject. We teach across the full breadth of the subject and have a curriculum which is broad, challenging and exciting.

The Art Department promotes ideas and skills as partners in the creative process and promotes Art as a serious subject which is respected by students, parents and staff alike. Art at Bromley High is exciting, forward- thinking and self-critical. Our artists are set challenging work, and we do not shy away from work which is technically or conceptually difficult. The Art Department cares about students as individuals and seeks to develop warm relationships between staff and students. The Art Studios are open for all students to use in their spare time should they seek a creative refuge in their busy school day. We seek to prepare students for a world where creativity and flexible thinking are becoming more important by the day.

Years 7 – 9

The KS3 curriculum teaches pupils to understand and appreciate the role of Art in society and culture, have an open-mind towards Contemporary Art and to become critical consumers of visual culture who visit museums and galleries independently. Students are taught to have basic drawing skills which is a useful life-skill as well as problem-solving and critical-thinking skills developed from making decisions in the course of creating art. Through various media, technical and experimental workshops they learn not to be afraid of Art or of the creative process. Learning in lessons is extended through a healthy programme of lunch time and after school clubs and events.


The GCSE Fine Art course teaches students to make high standard work in a broad range of media. They are coached in working with a sustained focus or theme and make ambitious, complex pieces of work. They experience the value of hard work, the frustrations of creative failures and the pleasure of succeeding through the process of experimentation and refinement. The GCSE course teaches students to organise their time, energy and resources well to meet their goals and they are able to work collaboratively and contribute positively to the learning of others. By the end of the GCSE course our artists have discovered areas of Art which they are passionate about and have learned about them in depth.


The Art Department offer exciting and varied opportunities to experience art outside of the school walls. These include trips to London galleries and museums throughout the school year. Recent overseas trips have included residential visits to Venice, Rome and Amsterdam.