“There should be something revelatory about art. It should be totally creative and open doors for new thoughts and experiences.”Tracey Emin

Art at Bromley High is an intellectual, creative and communicative subject. We teach across the full breadth of the subject and have a curriculum which is broad, challenging and exciting. The Art Department promotes ideas and skills as partners in the creative process and promotes Art as a serious subject which is respected by students, parents and staff alike. Art at Bromley High is exciting, forward-thinking and self-critical.  Our artists are set challenging work, and we do not shy away from work which is technically or conceptually difficult. The Art Department cares about students as individuals and seeks to develop warm relationships between staff and students.  The Art Studios are open for all students to use in their spare time should they seek a creative refuge in their busy school day. We seek to prepare students for a world where creativity and flexible thinking are becoming more important by the day.

A level

Photography at A level continues to foster the independence in thinking and endeavor developed through GCSE. Students are shown how to extend their skills and are exposed to ways of working and thinking that reflect contemporary art practices.  Our A level artists and photographers have access to a well-equipped faculty that includes individual student studio spaces, a ceramics workshop, a suite of Apple Macs installed with industry leading software and a photographic darkroom.  Pupils will learn how to control traditional and digital SLR cameras as well as other lens based media including film.  They will learn use darkroom processes such as in imaginative ways. Pupils will be taught through small workshops in photography including image manipulation, collage, montage techniques and be challenged to create high quality, personal photographic work. We encourage our A level students to seriously consider a career in the creative industries and have a proven record of helping students access their choice of higher level course. A level students also have a broad knowledge of and an appreciation of Art History which is encourage through trips to lectures and galleries both in London and abroad.

Photography is offered in a purpose built studio housing a bank of Macs installed with Adobe Photoshop and a well-resourced darkroom


The department offer exciting and varied opportunities to experience art outside of the school walls.  These include trips to London galleries and museums throughout the the school year as well as the Sixth Form attending talks and lectures by internationally renowned artists and designers.  Recent overseas trips have included residential visits to Venice, Rome and Amsterdam.