The Classics department aims to enable pupils to develop an enthusiasm and understanding of the Classical World, to extract and analyse information, to develop their knowledge and application of the language and to give personal responses about the literature and culture.

A level

At A level, girls study famous authors such as Ovid, Cicero, Tacitus and Virgil in the original language and learn to develop skills of literary criticism.  As girls have completed almost all of the A level grammar and vocabulary by the end of Year 11, they can hone their knowledge and understanding of Latin by practising both prose and verse unseen translations.

The study of this precise and elegant language helps girls to express themselves in their own language with greater clarity and precision, and to use logic and reason to problem solve. Latin is a highly regarded A level and links well to many subjects (such as History, English and Drama) but also works well as an extra with Maths and Sciences.


The department organises a number of theatre and exhibition trips to events which are relevant to the syllabus.