The Geography department at Bromley High aims to introduce and develop the concepts of physical, human and environmental geography through the use of a range of places at different scales and in different continents.  The use of maps, photographs ICT, GIS and fieldwork allows students to foster their geographical skills and independent research with an enquiry based approach.

A level

Our A level Geography qualification develops students’ understanding of physical and human geography from a local through to a global scale. They develop practical fieldwork skills as they explore and think critically about the interactions between people and the environment and the issues arising. The course is balanced with regard to physical and human geography, with the integration of analytical and evaluative skills throughout.  20% of the qualification is coursework that students complete following a fieldtrip to Dorset where they collect their primary data.


As a department, we offer a range of enriching and extension opportunities.  Our students attend lectures at the GA and RGS and we also welcome academics from the field of Geography as part of the school’s Minerva Lecture series.  Girls enter a range of competitions including the Young Geographer of the Year.  Our biannual ‘awe and wonder’ trip to Iceland gives students the opportunity to enjoy a different landscape.