“I’ve never thought of myself as a female engineer, or founder, or a woman in tech. I just think of myself as someone who’s passionate.” Leah Busque, Co-founder and Executive Chairwoman of TaskRabbit

The study of Business enables students to enhance their workplace marketability. Students consider and evaluate the decisions made by businesses in the increasingly complex, dynamic and globalised commercial environment. The study of Business teaches you how to analyse numerical and written data, and to use this to support your arguments. Business concepts are applied to a range of real life examples and studying the subject develops your ability to write a supported judgement. Students will study a wide range of business examples, including local, national, international and global businesses to develop different points of view. There is no requirement for prior study at GCSE. What is imperative is a keen awareness of topical issues and an appreciation of the links between the business and economic environment.

A level

The study of the subject results in students developing a critical understanding of mainly commercial and some public sector organisations, the markets they operate in and the process of adding value. They will also become aware that business behaviour can be considered from a variety of perspectives, for example the ethical and environmental implications on decision making. The wider social, technological, legal, political and economic factors which influence business activity are studied in detail. Students may consider the importance of social media on a retailer’s decision, in how to attract their target market more effectively or how legislation, such as the sugar tax, influences both business behaviour and costs.

A level Business takes a holistic approach to the subject and focuses on the inter-related nature of the business using contemporary models, theories and techniques. An appreciation of the topical business and economic environment is absolutely essential so as to gain an appreciation of the influences on business and the key economic concepts and theories covered. The specification is designed to engage students by considering topics and issues that have contemporary relevance such as digital technology, social responsibility and the globalisation of markets.


Newspapers, internet sources, specialist publications and television programmes are integral with regard to keeping up to date. We invite successful local entrepreneurs into school to address Business students and to invite debate and discussion.
We facilitate a biannual exciting trip to San Francisco where we consider tourism, wine production and export opportunities and visit big name businesses in Silicon Valley such as Google and Facebook. There is also an annual trip to the House of Lords where pupils are addressed by a peer on a topic of pertinent and contemporary relevance and its impact on business. The elected Business prefect organises a programme of speakers and debates.