In June, pupils from Year 5 attended a virtual GDST Techathon event, aimed to encourage and challenge students to use technology to improve built environments. The ‘Smart Cities’ Techathon set out to empower students to contribute to a better built environment.

An introduction to the topic of Smart Cities was presented by Sarra Pardali, Head of Infrastructure and Sustainability at GDST. The presentation shared ideas from around the world and from the GDST Techathon event back in March 2020.

The pupils were also set a task to complete, to consider autonomous cars and to design a poster sharing what they learnt.

“I think it is very clever how technology is growing and what people are now able to do with technology and how fast it is changing. The lesson was very interesting and fascinating.”Lia, Year 5

“That was amazing!!!! I really like microbits, they are so interesting and how we can change the world. It’s interesting to see how smart cities are good for the environment.”Sophie, Year 5

Posters created by Year 5 pupils