Last weekend, Year 9 and 10 debaters were offered the opportunity to take part in the International Competition for Young Debaters 2021 via Zoom. ICYD, hosted by the Cambridge Union, is an annual competition in the British Parliamentary format.

There were a variety of challenging motions throughout the day which included ‘This house would penalise sporting clubs for the poor behaviour of their fans’ and ‘This house would ban international aid charities from using sensational, graphic and overly emotional images of suffering in fundraising and advertising campaigns’.

A total of six Year 10 Senior debaters took part in the competition against multiple schools across the region. Although a long day, the event provided a great experience and as either novices or amateurs, the pupils started to get to grips with the nature of debating against others and gain more skills and experience.

“Everyone that took part enjoyed the day and we were lucky enough to have had one of our teams progress to the final which is a great achievement!”Jayda Thomas-Arnold, Year 10 

Congratulations to Darcy and Ellen (pictured in main photo) for getting through to the next round of the competition!