A group of Year 6 pupils have been selected to take part in a pupil training event yesterday for the GDST 2021 Maths in Motion competition which will commence in 2 weeks’ time.  The challenge is a great way of getting pupils interested in the practical application of Maths, as well as its links with Science and Engineering in an exciting, competitive project.

The challenge involves students working together in small teams to apply maths skills to to an exciting virtual motor racing experience.

Anya (Year 6) said “Today’s launch has made me feel more confident when using a protractor and I really enjoyed learning how to adapt my car to get round the Monaco track.”

Selina (Year 6) said “It has been great fun as well as learning new skills to try to make your race car the best one!”

Sky (Year 6) said “Never having done this before, I found it fascinating and I loved upgrading my racing car to make it run smoothly and quickly around the race track.”

Naomi (Year 6) said “It was really exciting to be racing against other GDST schools and I managed to get third place in the practice laps!”

In the challenge,  classes will work in teams of four to submit a car for two virtual races. They will be given the details of each racetrack and then have around three weeks in which to calculate and modify their cars for each race.

Good luck to the pupils!