This term, Reception and Year 1 pupils have been focussing on the early stages of programming a robot, helping them undersand basic programming and allowing them to express themselves using electronic devices and computers.

The experience for Reception is modelled around play and exploring what a Bee-Bot can do. They have been learning that a robot will only respond to certain direction commands and that these commands have to be in the correct sequence. Working in groups, Reception have been exploring building algorithms using a Bee-Bot app on the iPad as well using Robot costumes and remote controls to practice giving each other directions.  They have explored sending Bee-Bots to different locations on a Farm mat, reading simple algorithms and predicting where the Bee-Bot might end up on the letter mat.

Year 1 have been more investigative in their approach with Bee-Bots, planning routes on a shape mat using a fake bot, before creating the algorithm and testing it with the real Bee-Bot. They have been learning to debug their algorithms when they go wrong and fix the steps in order to make their sequence correct.

Year 1 have a much better understanding of how robots are used in the real world, for example floor vacuum robots or robots used to lift heavy parts in factories. The girls are beginning to appreciate how important instructions are for the robots to work well and how they might one day be able to invent a useful robot to help society.