Our Junior School Coding Club pupils had the exciting opportunity to take part in the Mission Zero Challenge by Astro Pi.  The challenge was to write a programme to take a humidity reading onboard the International Space Station, and communicate it to the astronauts with a personalised message.

Three teams from Year 4 (now in Year 5) entered the challenge, sending their code in March which was run on the International Space Station in early summer. They finally received their certificates this week showing exactly where the ISS was when their programme ran.

Congratulation to the three teams!

Team 1 – Sarah, Kavya, Zoha and Bella (shown in main photo)

Team 2 – Ridhi, Evysse, Jennifer, Anveshai

Team 3 – Gabriella, Jia, Saanvi, Sahana

Thank you to Manuel Cristelo, a volunteer from Code Club UK, for supporting the girls with their programming challenge.