Congratulations to Upper Sixth pupils Pippa, Cerys and Sophia for being awarded the Heather Lawes Travel Bursary.  The Lawes family award up to £2,000 each year to support Bromley High School pupils going on a gap year or independent travel, in memory of their late daughter Heather who was previously a Head Girl at the school.

Here is sneak peak of what the girls have planned for next year:

“My gap year will be split into three trips; backpacking around south-east Asia, a ski season in Whistler, and Camp America in the summer before starting university. Being naturally a very motivated person, I am determined to fit in as much as possible into my gap year and have been carefully planning every aspect since Year 11!”

Pippa, Year 13 pupil


“I am hoping to begin my travels at the end of August this year, kicking things off in Hanoi, Vietnam, where I have a place volunteering at the National Children’s hospital for 2 weeks. I believe that this will be a very beneficial experience for me, as I have an interest in entering paediatrics later on in life.”

Cerys, Year 13 pupil



“I have had two major passions. The first is learning languages, having studied Spanish, French and Latin at GCSE and Korean in my free time, my second passion is all things related to South Korea, a country I have dreamt of visiting for many years now. Now that I have almost finished secondary school I would love to be able to bring both of these passions together and spend a period of my gap year in South Korea, offering my own experience with foreign languages to others as an English tutor.”

Sophia, Year 13 pupil