On Monday, due to the unpredictable nature of British weather, Sports Day had to switch to a different weatherproof alternative – Bromley High School Indoor Olympics!

The Sports Department, assisted by a dedicated group of Sixth Formers, organised an Indoor Olympics where Years 7 to 10 participated in a variety of events. These included speed jumping, shot put, rocket throwing, and a standing jump, as well as, of course, a house relay.

The house relay, in particular, had an amazing atmosphere, with each house cheering each other on excitedly and everyone watching eagerly. All of these events earned house points for each house, allowing them to bond and creating an unbeatable supportive environment alongside the competitive elements of Sports Day.

Overall, Oakdene House was victorious, gaining the most house points across the events carried out by all the years. Their success was celebrated with enthusiasm, marking the Indoor Olympics as a memorable and triumphant adaptation. Thanks to everyone who set up the event and took part, it was a huge success!