Last weekend our Pastoral team were delighted to host the online Positive Parenting workshop for the Bromley High School community.  Over 300 people registered for the event, entitled Parenting the demanding generation by Dr Aric Sigman, who specialises in PSHE health education.

His talk addressed the importance of authority and boundaries in child development and standing up to demanding children.  He also explained why and how this has implications for a wide range of issues including alcohol, drugs, underage pregnancy and mental health.







Feedback from parents who attended the online event was extremely positive.  We look forward to hosting our Positive Parenting workshop next year.


“Thank you for organising this great webinar! It was a very informative and highly enlightening two hours with Dr. Sigman.”Parent

“Many thanks for the talk this morning it was fantastic. I had attended the parenting conference last year and really enjoy his advice.”Parent