GCSE and A-level Artists and Photographers at Bromley High School have launched a virtual exhibition of their work.  The title of the exhibition, Homemade, reflects how our pupils continued to produce fantastic artwork at home during lockdown, with limited resources.  

The majority of artwork was completed after schools abruptly closed in response to the global pandemic.  However, in this time of uncertainty and unfulfilled conclusions, our bright, young creatives chose to carry on making. They saw their isolation as an opportunity to resolve their work, and to see at least one small part of their school life through to an end. The work here represents their resourcefulness, their resilience and their bravery in the face of unprecedented adversity.

The virtual exhibition allows visitors to view artwork in a professional gallery environment, either by taking a tour or moving freely through the collection of work.  In these somewhat difficult times, colour, creativity and electrifying ideas are cathartic for us all, and we joyously celebrate this in the virtual exhibition and publication.

The Art and Photography department are extremely proud of our Class of 2020.  We wish them all the best, wherever their future leads them.

Homemade virtual exhibition

Homemade publication