For our Alumna of the Month interview, we spoke to Katie Calderwood, Influencer Marketing Manager.

Katie studied at Bromley High School between 2007 and 2014, and now works at Summer, a leading global influencer marketing agency working with high-profile brands including Google, Adidas, Disney and Pandora.

Please briefly describe your current role
My current role involves overseeing end-to-end influencer campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty sector. This includes relevant influencer casting and selection, working on the creative strategy, managing budgets and fees, execution of full scale campaigns alongside accurate reporting with in-depth analysis showing key insights, as well as overall KPI performance.

In addition to this, I personally manage selected influencers from the agency’s diverse roster of content creators, which involves negotiating and securing commercial partnerships on their behalf, alongside building innovative strategies to increase their presence on their relevant digital platforms.


How did Bromley High School help shape your future career?
My time at Bromley High helped me to build a strong foundation for my future career. Throughout my years at the school, I was continuously supported which gave me the confidence to approach the working world with an ambitious and open mindset.


What aspects of Bromley High School did you most enjoy, and find most rewarding?
Meeting some of my best friends at the age of eleven and who are still my best friends to this day.


What is your favourite memory of being at Bromley High School?
The opportunities that were presented whether that be curricular or extra curricular activities.


What value do you get out of your connections with your fellow alumnae?
Being a Bromley High alumna feels like being part of a community; no matter what we’re all doing or where we are in the world, we all share history in our education.


How have you benefited from being part of the wider GDST community?
The GDST community brings together a wide range of individuals through a unique network, providing me with professional contacts.