On 23rd February 2018, we attended a Spanish spelling bee at Northampton High school to compete against other GDST schools. Three girls from each language were selected, 3 Year 7 girls from French, Spanish, German.

It was a very long journey and we had time to practise our words on the train.  The aim was to try and spell as many words of your language as we could in one minute.  Then your team’s scores were combined to reveal your final result. Before our Spelling Bee, we watched many small plays performed by the older year nine girls.  We all thought they were really interesting. We were very excited when it came to our spelling bees. We worked well as a team in Spanish and got an overall score of 36 points.  We went to represent the school, try our best and expand our knowledge.  We thought that if we won it would amazing but if we did not we would still come back and be proud of what we achieved. When they announced the results we found out that German came first place and so did Spanish.  We were all overjoyed and all our hard work paid off.  It was an amazing experience and a great trip.  We really enjoyed it and we want to thank everyone who made the day happen.

By Fiona Armstrong-Denby, Gabriella Thomas and Gabriella King

Year 7 Bromley High School GDST

from left to right Spanish winners:

Gabriella King, Gabriella Thomas and Fiona Armstrong-Denby.


From left to right German Winners:

Clothilde Dumont, Cara O’Leary and Leah Davies