This week we have been celebrating British Science Week in the Senior School with many exciting activities taking place throughout the curriculum.

The inaugural House Science Quiz got proceedings under way in assembly. The house teams, consisting of pupils from across all age groups, were tested on the scientific spelling, scientific numeracy and their ability to recognise famous scientists among other things. Congratulations to the winning team from Fernbank consisting of Cerys S, Lydia S, (both Year 12), Beatrice C (Year 11) and Matilda S (Year 7).

Year 7 have been involved in the annual ‘Post-a-Pringle’ completion with the objective of designing a package to safely deliver a single Pringle back to school via our postal service. We have witnessed some ingeniously designed packages and parcels from all form groups and we look forward to them arriving in school and the grand opening before the end of term.

Year 8 pupils have been tasked with designing and building a wind power car with the objective of travelling at least two metres. Again, we have witnessed some precision engineering and designing and the winning cars from each teaching group will be entered into a race off to see which one travels the furthest distance.

We also were delighted to host Mr Michael Winter from Johnson Matthey who delivered a fascinating talk to pupils on the differences between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering based around the world-wide production of biodiesels. It was inspiring to witness how he used the Chemistry taught at A level in his daily work on chemical kinetics and how useful the combination of Mathematics and Chemistry was in and Engineering vocation.

Two teams from the Sixth form faced off in ‘A Question of Physics’. The Quantumplators faced The Velocityraptors in a very closely fought contest, which saw The Velocityraptors emerge victorious by a single point.

Many thanks to all pupils who have taken part in this years’ Science Week and many thanks to all of the staff who have helped in the running of the events.